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News Archive

17 June 1999: The intruder in this cast is England's Jeremy Northam. His hood is very up-scale for such a lowdown milieu.

12 July 2000: For Jeremy Northam, the refurbishment was "terrific, fantastic".

07 Feb 2000: Jeremy Northam won Best Actor for his roles in An Ideal Husband and The Winslow Boy, beating Terence Stamp, Ian McKellen and Ray Winstone

Oct 31 2000: Nick Nolte and Jeremy Northam were down on their knees reasoning with him but Daniel just snapped.

Nov 21 2000: An anxious, desirable slow starter

Nov 24 2000: Prince Of The Period Costume Drama (Rob Driscoll)

Jan 26 2001: Jeremy Northam is in top form as the epigrammatic Whitehall....


Actor Jeremy Northam, who plays an enigmatic and shadowy intelligence agent in 'Enigma,' hides in the enigmatic shadow of his director, Michael Apted. Photo by Roger Ebert.

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