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Party animals Nicky Haslam and Simon Mills served their guests mysterious blue drinks at Brompton Bay last night. Candida Bond and Shebah Ronay discovered they had something in common - Candida is the new Chanel girl for the Allure scent campaign, and Shebah is the new face of cheddar cheese. Actor Jeremy Northam chatted up Isla Fisher, and Robert Hanson was stalked alternately by Caroline Stanbury and Ulla Kloster. Tamara Beckwith talked excitedly about her imminent move to LA for a secret new film part. All she would divulge was that she will be playing herself.

Before supper, Cole Porter's music floated through the club - Jerry Hall may have smiled at the lyric, 'In olden days a glimpse of stocking was considered shocking, but now, heaven knows, anything goes'. After the meal, anything did. Nicky was determined to have 'a swell party'. He played Porter numbers on the piano, then a pianist duetted with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson on some jazz numbers. Then it was Nicky's turn to duet, doing La Vie en Rose with Jeanne Marine. Jeremy Northam and Vivienne Westwood also duetted with Nicky on some Cole Porter tunes.

Brompton Bay, SW3
Monday 20 November 2000


1 Maya von Schonburg and Nicky Haslam 2 Will Stanhope and Candida Bond 3 Nat Rothschild 4 Toby Young and Polly Hayward 5 Normandie Keith 6 Jeremy Northam

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